Web Design for Plumbers Research

Web Design for Plumbers Research

The “Web Design for Plumbers” Google search is a very low traffic search phrase, keyword research indicates just 10 people a month (120 a year) search Google.co.uk for Web Design for Plumbers!

These are the sort of numbers available for some local Google search phrases a plumber might be interested in like the Fixed Price Boiler Repair search phrases, they are low traffic, not a lot of people will search Google for those types of search phrases or for specific boilers like Vaillant Boiler Repair in a plumbers local area, BUT that traffic is very valuable to a plumber, it’s HIGHLY targeted traffic.

Despite it’s low traffic volume it’s not a cheap search phrase for Google AdWords users (that’s web designers paying for traffic via Google ads) with a Cost Per Click (CPC) approaching $5.

Let’s say a new search engine optimised webpage within 6 months of publication could gain 1/3rd of the 120 visitors a year, that’s about 40 visitors a year which we know web designers are currently willing to pay close to $5 a visitor or $200 a year for.

Why are web design businesses willing to pay $5 for one visitor searching for a plumbers web design?

Simple, there’s money to made from that highly targeted traffic for products/services with £HIGH value, people searching for Web Design for Plumbers are VERY likely plumbers who are ready to buy a new website design.

Should I target this search phrase?

Considering a well written search engine optimised article about website design for plumbers will target other related search phrases I can see the potential value for someone like me in spending a full day (or even longer) researching and writing an article targeting that low traffic phrase.

Even if it only generates 8 or 9 visitors a month, ~100 visitors a year, with a 1% conversion rate that’s 1 new SEO web design client a year.

Just one new SEO web design client a year might not sound like much, but even a simple website for a UK plumber could cost upwards of £500, this doesn’t include any local SEO services, web hosting, content creation etc…

I haven’t set my prices for my new SEO web design service yet, but it’s unlikely to be less than a £1,000 a month. If I can keep a plumber as a client for just 3 months at £1,000 a month, my one day investment in researching and writing an article could result in £3,000 worth of business every year.

This is a new SEO web design service so I have no historical sales data, but I do have data from dealing with SEO clients as an SEO consultant on a monthly retainer (costing up to £1,500 per website per month) and my retention rate is high. Clients staying with me for 3+ years isn’t unusual, so one new SEO web design client a year could be worth over £36,000 in business over 3 years.

Even if the webpage generates just 50 targeted visitors (plumbers looking to buy a website) a year and a low conversion of just 0.5%, it could still generate £24,000 worth of business within 6 years: 4 years to get a client from 200 visitors, 2 years at £1,000 a month.

If like me you play the long business game, I think you’ll agree it could be worth my time to spend a full day to create an article targeting the low traffic search phrase Web Design for Plumbers.

Consider this is just for one targeted search phrase, when you understand how to generate search engine optimised content one webpage can target dozens of low traffic search phrases: SEO’s call them long-tail keyword phrases. This webpage for example has the potential to generate traffic from multiple low traffic long-tail keyword phrases, this small article has the potential to generate 50+ visitors a month and the main Web Design article 500+ visitors a month.

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