British Gas Boiler Cover Customer Value

British Gas Boiler Cover Customer Value

It can be quite lucrative targeting a competitors SERPs, even British Gas recognises this fact.

Search for “British Gas Boiler Cover” and note the paid results (via Google AdWords ads), British Gas tends to be the top advert in Google. You’ll also see other well known brand names targeting these potential customers including Baxi and Aviva

British Gas dominates the Organic Google Search Results (see the 6 red arrows) for the Google “British Gas Boiler Cover” search, but still pays around an estimated 80p for each Cost Per Click (CPC) Google AdWords visitor, (that’s the paid Google search ad, see green arrow) most likely to ‘block’ competitor ads (see the purple arrows) from buying their customers through AdWords.

Strongly suggests the “British Gas Boiler Cover” Google traffic is very valuable to British Gas and they don’t want to lose any British Gas Boiler Cover Customers, they are valuable.

Example Google ads found when searching “British Gas Boiler Cover”:

British Gas Boiler Cover | HomeCare Offer‎
Rating for 4.1 – 14,059 reviews
Get One Month Free when you buy HomeCare Two-Four online before the 9th March. HomeCare Two starts from £15.58 a month. Buy today and get covered. Customer Helpline 24/7. Parts and labour included. Quick quote. Around 6,000 engineers. Unlimited call outs.

British Gas are probably willing to pay around 80p EACH for a Google user searching for “British Gas Boiler Cover”, so the businesses listed below who are also willing to pay for those potential customers are ‘blocked’: British Gas tends to be the first ad shown despite them dominating the organic Google search results (they have the top 6 organic results).

UK No.1 Boiler Cover Supplier | Cover From £4.99 P/M‎
Rating for 4.7 – 2,236 reviews
Excellent Rated Boiler & Heating, Plumbing & Drains, Utilities & Home Appliances Cover. Our Home Assist Insurance Covers It All From Call Outs, Parts, Labour & More. Get a Quote. Flexible Cover Packages. Open 24/7, 365 Days. Up To £5,000 Per Claim.

This business wants potential British Gas customers looking for boiler cover, but not enough to pay more than British Gas pays for ads.

Baxi Boiler Cover | Protect Your Boiler Today |‎
Rating for 4.6 – 7,974 reviews
Call Us For A Quote Today! Our Expert Team Are Ready To Give You Peace Of Mind.

I see this ad as the 3rd ad loaded at the top, I wonder how much Baxi are spending a month trying to acquire British Gas customers?

Aviva® Boiler & Heating Cover | Keep Your Home Safe & Warm‎
Rating for 4.6 – 1,361 reviews
Annual Boiler & Carbon Monoxide Detector Check – Keeping You Safe and Warm. All Parts Provided by Our Approved Engineers Are Guaranteed for 12 Months. Unlimited Call Outs. 24/7 Claims Line. Annual Gas Boiler Service. Insurance coverage: Heating, Plumbing.

Avivia was listed below the top 10 organic search results, these are the cheaper slots which don’t get much click through.

Always remember no business owns a Google search phrase including brand name SERPs.

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