Trustpilot British Gas Reviews

Trustpilot British Gas Reviews

You can see from the screenshot from March 2020, British Gas have closing on 27,000 Trustpilot reviews with an overall average rating.

  • Excellent – 47%
  • Great – 15%
  • Average – 7%
  • Poor – 5%
  • Bad – 26%

Below are the titles of the most recent 10 Trustpilot British Gas reviews on March 6th, 2020.

  1. Didn’t process cancellation and kept charging 1/5 Stars
  2. Still registered with British gas PAY as you go 1/5 Stars
  3. Excellent service 5/5 Stars
  4. Simply the best! 5/5 Stars
  5. 5 star British Gas 5/5 Stars
  6. Smart meter.issues 3/5 Stars
  7. Easy to deal with and good at keeping… 5/5 Stars
  8. great service once connected 4/5 Stars
  9. have been with British Gas many years… 5/5 Stars
  10. Took to many attempts to resolve a… 1/5 Stars

Those 10 reviews are rated: 50% excellent, 10% great, 10% average, 30% bad. Which is close to a representative sample based on the average rating of 26,955 reviews.

You can see from the sample of Trustpilot reviews there are both good and bad British Gas reviews. Read through the reviews and you’ll get a mixed picture with an indication British Gas in general aren’t consistently rated excellent/great: just over 60% rate British Gas as above average and just under 40% rate them average/poor/bad.

I’ve not used British Gas as a consumer of gas for over 15 years, they did mess up at one point where it looked like we’d been switched to British Gas without us signing a contract! Had one of their collectors at the door demanding over £1,000, I demanded to see a copy of the contract we signed and he sat in the car for 15 minutes making calls before leaving, never to return again.

I read a number of customer reviews on Trustpilot who complained of high quotes for fitting new combi boilers etc… British Gas are NOT cheap. Some customers say they went with British Gas for their trustworthiness and the quality of their plumbers/engineers (big brand = will be around for years), but others say there’s a chance British Gas will use a contractor who you could hire independently at a lower price.

From their website it says “Who will do the work? Normally, we’ll send a British Gas Engineer to carry out the work. In some cases, we may send a suitably qualified contractor instead (including Dyno branded franchisees).”

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