British Gas Fixed Price Boiler Repair Google Search

British Gas Fixed Price Boiler Repair Google Search

Interestingly it wasn’t that easy to find the British Gas ‘fixed‘ price boiler repair option using Google.

Search Google for “British Gas Fixed Price Boiler Repair” including the “speech marks” and there isn’t even a British Gas article SPECIFICALLY targeting “Fixed Price Boiler Repair”, this service doesn’t exist, at least not in a way I’d consider it fixed price.

Search Google again for British Gas Fixed Price Boiler Repair without the speech marks (how most users search Google) and the Google Featured Snippet links to which has two price options listed.

The British Gas offer listed as a Google Featured Snippet is WAY out of date, could be as old as 2013, it definitely wasn’t available in 2015 based on this Money Saving Expert Forum post: which references the cost at £99 for the one off fixed price repair option.

So the £79 British Gas offering is at least 5 years out of date and maybe as much 7 years out of date, British Gas really should update with the new prices etc…, there’s even a dead link from that webpage!

British Gas One-Off Boiler Repair Old Price

Prices range from £79 to £459 depending on how long it will take to complete the work and your location.

For this you get…

  • Fixed price quote, there are no hidden charges.
  • All labour and parts are included in the price.
  • 12 month guarantee on all work, giving you peace of mind.
  • Access to our expert engineers, without the need for an annual contract.

This service/price is NOT available in March 2020, for the latest British Gas fixed price boiler repair see the British Gas One Off Boiler Repair from £99 and British Gas Boiler Repair for £109 with HomeCare Two Cover at £24.50 a month.

Note the British Gas Google AdWords ad with title “British Gas Boiler Repair | One-Off Repairs From Just £99” at the very top of the Google search references the latest £99 price.

Below this we have the out of date Google Featured Snippet (meant to be the BEST Google result) which is an offer that’s 5+ years out of date. This page lists boiler repairs from £79.

Below this we have the British Gas webpage with the up to date (as of March 2020) from £99 repair offer.

British Gas presumably generate a fair amount of traffic from that Google Featured Snippet, what they should do is either update the out of date webpage (change the content to show the £99 offer etc…) or delete the old webpage and 301 redirect the traffic to the up to date prices webpage.

The original mistake here is with whoever creates British Gas content, sometime before 2015 British Gas changed it’s prices/service, what the webmaster should have done was simply update this webpage rather than ignore that webpage and create the new webpage

Update: while I was researching/writing this information (took 2 days to research/write/publish) it looks like British Gas deleted the webpage Google has as the Featured Snippet Currently shows a 404 error page (means the webpage no longer exists), no 301 redirect so far: that’s a basic SEO mistake not 301 redirecting.

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